Helmet Head


The mission.

Helmet head canada has been doing toy drives since 2016 in multiple provinces. We have concentrated on delivering toys directly to hospitals so that donations don’t go to the storage facility for sorting. This way the children who live on Vancouver Island receive toys that are donated by Vancouver Islanders, from Victoria all the way to Campbell River BC.

What made you start Helmet Head Canada?

I was a very sick infant in my first years as a child my self and I know first hand the hardships parents face when their children are hospitalized and dealing with health setbacks.  So naturally this aligned with me and I wanted to make a small contribution to help out and make a kid smile while being treated or upon release from the hospital, and toy runs were a natural way of doing so.

What was your original objective?

I wanted to find a way to give back to the community after I found out most of the toy run donations were marked for Vancouver BC and only a small fraction are placed onto the island hospital list.

Why the Helmets?

The Helmet heads were a fun way to bring a smile while riding around and maybe bring a bit more awareness to this initiative. Even If I can bring a smile to someone’s face, especially a kid on their way to treatment, then that’s a win for me.